2024 BMA Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service

Celebrating Together: BMA’s Resurrection Service in Borrego Springs

A United Community Celebration

The Borrego Ministers Association (BMA) recently sponsored a deeply moving service, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ—an event that brought together churches from all around Borrego Springs. This year, due to the forecasted weather, the service was thoughtfully set up on the green at the Methodist Church, providing a serene and welcoming environment for everyone attending.

Details and Participation

The service not only reflected the strong communal bonds among the congregations but also emphasized the unity and the shared commitment to faith and to each other within our community.


Support and Engage

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A Message of Hope

As we reflect on the celebration and look forward to more community gatherings, we hold on to a message of peace, love, and hope. May we continue to be a community committed to one another, nurturing a spirit of togetherness in all that we do.

Join us in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment in Borrego Springs, where every gathering brings us closer and strengthens our collective faith and community spirit.