Support Borrego Families Through The Summer Heat

As the summer heat intensifies in Borrego Springs, the difficulties faced by our community become more severe. With electric bills soaring, fewer jobs available in tourism, and an increase in food insecurity, many of our neighbors are struggling to meet basic needs. The Borrego Ministers’ Association is steadfast in our commitment to offer support, but we need your assistance to truly make a difference.

Critical Support for Essential Needs

We are calling on you to help us provide vital aid. Your donations will go directly towards helping residents of Borrego Springs cover essential expenses such as food, rent, and utilities during these tough times. Every contribution, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on the lives of those affected by the summer challenges.

How You Can Help

We urge you to consider making a donation today. By contributing, you become a part of a compassionate movement to ensure that all members of our community can stay strong and resilient despite the harsh summer conditions. Your support not only aids in immediate relief but also strengthens the fabric of our community, demonstrating that in times of need, solidarity and kindness can flourish.

Join us in this crucial mission to bring hope and relief to the families of Borrego. Together, we can help our community not just endure but thrive, even under the most challenging conditions.